Himber Technologies goes by strong values to insure its development :
• Humanity and Commitment
• Creativity and innovation
• Genuineness and Team Spirit



Humanity and Commitment

Our company has been created by one man, Mr Joel Himber. Himber Technologies has always placed human beings at the centre of the decisions.

Close to its customers, suppliers, and colleagues, Himber Technologies is evolving every day
in this state of mind which allows everyone to imply himself, express his potential and
be recognized as a real actor in the success of the company.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are the basic values of the company

The whole colleagues are implied in the application of these ideas.
Our technicians and engineers are permanently looking for new technologies, new processes and technical solutions
with the aim of designing more efficient means of production.

We think that a machine must be not only innovating, and produced with highest quality
but also must take into account the person who will work with it every day.
This leads us to integrate ergonomics, design and security at the real beginning of the conception.

Genuineness and Team Spirit

Our know-how is linked to the team spirit and to the history of the company. The first job of Himber Technologies was mechanics.
Every day our colleagues develop the idea of “how to make a good job together“.