Focus on our customers

The substance of our strategy is to anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our first objective is to build a close and faithful relationship with your ordering parties.

Reach a high level in quality and service

We want to be a reference in our sector

Creating high performance and high quality products is a vital principle to succeed on our market. But our future development will also depend on our capacity to insure a very high level of service, in particular giving you advice to improve your process of production and global eco-designing from the idea up to the recycling of your life-ending machines. We are constantly improving our internal processes in order to create a very reactive structure.

Taking strong positions on the main markets

Our ambition is to become a major actor for our present and future customers.

Our efforts are concentrated on the diversification of our range of customers, in France, in Europe and obviously in Asia, in particular in food-processing, pharmacy, cosmetics, aeronautics and nuclear.