Biomedical / cosmetics


Our company is offering a complete service including engineering, designing, realization and implementation of special machines in your workshop. We fulfil your requirements :
Investments payback - Productivity – Quality – Security – Reliability.

Our knowledge


High cadences expertness and special knowledge to answer to biomedical and cosmetics needs.  


Your needs

  • Volumetric feeding
  • Paste and liquid feeding 
  • Removable by washing design

  • Automatic adhesive label
  • System interface adapted to laboratories
  • Bar-coding / Datamatrix reader
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Components assembly:

  • Automatic components feeding
  • Coating
  • Screwing 
  • Fitting


Feeding :

  • High cadences 
  • Components polarization 
  • Size
Specific needs:

  • Eyeliner machining
  • Condioning special machine
  • Sand drier