Aeronautics / Other industries

 Other industries : Aeronautics, metallurgy, mecanics...

Our company is offering a complete service including engineering, designing, realization and implementation of special machines in your workshop. We fulfil your requirements :
Investments payback - Productivity – Quality – Security – Reliability.

Adaptability depending market

Experienced and competent staff  in various markets to guarantee the high-performance solution.

Your needs
Production profit:

  • Automation machines feeding (handling machines, presses...)
  • Ergonomics working stations
  • Handling process robotization



  • Partnership with aeronautics international companies
  • Modular machines


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 Adapted to an refractory environment, we garantee the security of the machines, and the best ergonomics of the stations.

Our experience garantee the high-performance solution at the best cost. Easily modular machines.

Other industries:

Several step jobs: feasibility study - computer simulation - prototype engineering - Industrial development partner.
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