Automotive special knowledge

Since it was created, Himber Technologies has been acquiring an important experience in the automotive sector. We develop our know-how by supporting the technologic the technologic evolutions of our customers.

Your needs
Assembly line

  • Assembly line design taking criterium into consideration
  • Main contractor in order to offer global solution 
  • Whole world plant and run up
  • Le degré d’automatisation de nos lignes est lié à   vos contraintes de productivité : postes automatiques, semi-automatiques et manuels s’allient pour créer une ligne à votre mesure.
Co-designing :

Because of discreasing studies and realization terms in automotive industry, we can design and realise  means of production while the engineering development of your products.
Design tools:

Since the beginning of the studies, our R&D department appliesanalysis design methods:
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Modular machines:

Your products development  taken into account, since the beginning of the project: Our machines could be customized easily.