Food processing Industry


Our company is offering a complete service including engineering, designing, realization and implementation of special machines in your workshop. We fulfil your requirements :
Investments payback - Productivity – Quality – Security – Reliability.

Working conditions adaptability

Sanitary strict food-processing industry rules observed:

  •   Stainless steel
  •   No carring area
  •  Any hollow space     
  • Removable by washing in design
Your needs
Vision and control:

Conformity / presence :

  • Shape and color detection
  • Packaging polarization
  • Sorting

  • Bar code / Datamatrix reading 
  • Production tracking softwares log in 
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Station automation:

  • Flow control optimization
  • Automatic feeding
  • Specific paletization
  • Mixing
  • Conditionning
  • Production workshorp reorganization
  • Manual station automation

  • In bulk products distribution
  • High cadence
  • Pasty product 
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Automatic handling :

Specific design adapted to your products

  • Shattery products 
  • High cadences.