Automate islets
  • Load / unload (press, milling) 
  • Palettization
  • Autonomus assembly islets
  • High production rate: 1 to n robots in the same work envelope
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Grip and positioning
  • Load some grams to several about ten kilos
  • Suction pad prehensile, pneumatics and hydraulics pliers
  • Grip with control effort integrated
  • Double and multifunction grip
  • Pick&place with tracking by vision 
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  • Loading electrical screwing pin
  • Automatic distribution screw in the pin 
  • Short cycle time
  • Integrated on automated production line
Deburring / Polishing
  • Work on complexe parts.
  • Effort control apply in continuous
  • Fast creation robot trajectories starting
Software simulation
  • Each islet function numerisation
  • Cycle time validation and robotics trajectories
  • Flow study mens and products
  • Ergonomics validation 
  • Welding assembly with or without filler metal
  • Study and achievement to complete islet with finished parts control and automatic integration
  • Industrial brand recognized integration